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Mondavi Monteluce is a three-tower community that boasts of impressive minimalist architecture that seamlessly blends into the stunning nature surrounding it. Aside from the scenic surroundings of the community, residents can also enjoy a wide range of facilities and amenities that the developer Major Homes Inc. has thoughtfully added to the project.

In every building, residents can find a dedicated concierge counter, which will be manned by trained personnel. The concierge can assist residents and their guests in almost every way possible, including day-to-day concerns, maintenance issues, or even with planning trips around scenic Silang and Tagaytay. Just ask, and they might be able to provide you with the name of the best restaurants in town!

Each of the buildings in the Mondavi Monteluce community is serviced by two high-speed elevators for the comfort and convenience of the residents. For their safety and security, there is a trained security team who will guard the entrances and rove the vicinity to ensure peace of mind among the residents. There is also a CCTV surveillance system installed in all of the common areas within the community to help the security team monitor the on-goings within the property. Advanced automated fire detection and protection systems are also in place to prevent any untoward incidents in the Mondavi Monteluce community.

Aside from impressive security and safety facilities, there are also convenient centralized services for all the residents. Among these is a centralized waste disposal system, which makes it easier and more sanitary for residents to dispose of their garbage and keep their units clean. Another is the centralized sewage system, which also guarantees the sanitary and hygienic disposal of human waste.

All the units in the Mondavi Monteluce community have access to 24/7 power and water provided by the local utility distributors. Provision for cable TV and broadband internet connections are also available in all the units. All it takes to get your unit connected is a couple of phone calls and you will get to enjoy all the modern digital comforts amid the idyllic beauty of the municipality of Silang.

There is also the Breezeway Sky Garden, an outdoor area specially designed to be the social hub of the Mondavi Monteluce community. This immaculately landscaped area is perfect for enjoying the scenic beauty and fresh air of Silang, as well as for socializing with the neighbors, bonding with the family, or celebrating an important occasion with the whole family.

  • Concierge
  • Breezeway Sky Garden
  • Two Elevators
  • Back of The House Facilities
  • CCTV for Common Areas
  • 24 – Hour Security
  • Centralized Sanitary Disposal System
  • Centralized Sewerage System
  • Cable TV
  • Wi - Fi Ready
  • Automated Fire Protection System
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